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Ransomware: Lurking on Defended Networks

Spiceworks post on RansomewareA post on A Spiceworks community post demonstrated that a network with at least pretty-good defenses could nonetheless infected with ransomware. It’s a sobering reminder that is best read by users responsible for patching their own machines, or by admins responsible for keeping workstations current across their network.


Unclassified State Department Servers Breached

US State Department logo

Following an earlier AP story, the NY Times reported that the US State Department had been added to a list of government agencies attacked in recent weeks. Attribution has been difficult, with NOAA and Post Office hacks apparently originating in … [Continue reading]

Chinese Govt Engineers Thought Behind USPS Breach

USPS Post Office Box

According to the Washington Post, Chinese government engineers are suspected of breaching U.S. Postal Service computer networks. While credit card and financial data was not compromised, sources said, the Post wrote that "The compromised data … [Continue reading]

Big Data Environmental Impact Study? Case of Commuter Rail Onboard Cameras

Newspaper editorial image

Whether you agree or disagree with the idea of cameras on commuter rail, it's a fair question to speculate whether the agency overseeing the potential plan has done a thorough job of considering its implications. While this editorial by Mike Barry … [Continue reading]

Slow Pace of Forensics Dogs JPMorgan Chase Cyberattack Postmortem

Dealbook logo New York Times logo

Despite discovering the attack in "late July," the NYT Dealbook story reports that investigators are still unsure about many aspects of what was described as "a huge cyberattack" on JPMorgan Chase. Recently disclosed information revealed that the … [Continue reading]

Open Grid Forum: Network Markup Language Base Schema v1

OGF Community:  A new document has been published in the OGF series. All OGF documents (including any that are open for public comment) may be found here: * GFD-R-P.206 "Network Markup Language Base Schema version 1" J. vd. … [Continue reading]

Situated Cognition

Analysis: There are benefits to being able to visualize a network as more than a directed graph, even though a graph representation is computationally powerful. Foreshadowing augmented reality notions, Clancey defined "situated cognition" as . … [Continue reading]

Enterprise Rule Groups: Policies

Analysis: Policies are essentially rule groups. Rules are typically implemented using non-reusable reasoning engines that are rarely given that designation. This paper suggests advantages of certain rule aggregations. We explain how network … [Continue reading]

Ontology Development for Network Management

Analysis: A baseline ontology is needed to remove language ambiguity and identify basic relationships between system components. In knowledge management, this can be accomplished with an ontology and/or a controlled vocabulary. From the … [Continue reading]

Guest Bloggers Invited

Guest bloggers in the subjects of information fusion, CEP, SDN, and cognition for network management are invited to contact the editor.  … [Continue reading]